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A Fairy-tale Forest Hotel lobby

LONDON – Claridge’s packs its hotel lobby with festive magic to kick off Christmas celebrations in the UK capital. Embodying a grand, elegant interpretation of English style, the hotel’s annual holiday installation draws huge attention from Londoners and tourists alike. This year, Apple’s chief designer Sir Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson were entrusted with the task of creating the iconic Clardige’s Christmas tree.

Designed by Sir Jony Ive, Marc Newson and Michael Howells

Photography by Jamie McGregor Smith

Referencing the purity and beauty of nature, the space contrasts natural elements with technology. The duo experimented with both traditional and futuristic styles to reflect the Mayfair hotel. British set designer Michael Howells joined the team to create a fairy-tale forest submerged in smoke and luminous hues of green and blue.

The 4-m-high light boxes lining the interior create the illusion of a vast woodland stretching out for miles. Each box features black-and-white graphics of snow-covered silver birch trees, creating an intriguing juxtaposition between faux and authentic nature. Trees of varying proportions, such as fir, green pine and silver birch, add a sense of energy and movement to the display. Finally, a bright white light runs on a continuous cycle to represent the transition from a celestial nightfall to a brilliant sunrise.


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