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ROOT Chair by Jin Kuramoto Studio for arflex Japan - Tokyo

In the 17th and 18th Century in the U.S, there was a distinct furniture style named “ Shaker Furniture”, which was created by the Shaker community. “Root” is a chair through which we tried to develop and understanding of the history and charm of Shaker Furniture. “Root" the name, is a respect for the Shaker style.

Comment about ROOT by Jin Kuramoto

The culture of Shaker is focused around religion, philosophy and observation.

And, many designers have been designing shaker inspired furniture by collaborating with various brands over several generations, every time enriching the shakers heritage.

Look back into history, there are lots of masterpieces designed by Borge Mogensen(J39), Gio Ponti(Superleggera), Vico Magistretti(Carimate), Jasper Morisson(Lightwood) and so on.

When I was asked to work on this project for Arflex Japan, I was a little worried whether I could undertake the task or not, because it is a very difficult job that mustn't be treated lightly.

I didn’t try to redesign only an iconic shape and style. I believe that the philosophy of Shakers, that removes decoration from life, will fit in our modern way of thinking, by making our daily lives more virtuous.

I designed the ROOT chair by removing the decoration to the limit, therefore enhancing the beauty of framework.

Arflex Japan

Arflex Japan is one of the top furniture brands in japan recognized for their innovative technics and high quality products . Arflex was established in Italy in 1948. Mr. Hoshina trained in the company in Italy before founding a Arflex Japan 50 years ago.

They collaborated with designers such as: Konstantin Grcic, Monica Foster, Patrick Norguet, Lievore Altherr Molina, and many more.

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