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One day at Oil Street Art Space - Hong Kong

Autumn in Hong Kong is the perfect weather for me, as I am from Manchester - UK, I'm used to the rain and cold weather, however we get a few odd days of sun and breeze. Thus today, I decided to make a nice little visit to 'Oil Street Art Space' - in between North Point and Fortress Hill.

A little bit about this building, it's a historical building built in 1908 for the clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. This place has gradually become a platform for exhibitions, I think it's the perfect place for someone to have a little wander around and to get lost in the past.

Doing Nothing Garden - "Can doing nothing lead to creating something?" Beijing artist Dong Dong creates a potted landscape filled with organic material and rubble from the community. A question with endless possibilities, this project uses nature that beautifully illustrates; that with the help from the community, something amazing will come out of it. The same goes to us, as human beings we are individuals that will keep on growing, you are surrounded by influencers and you will become a better version of yourself every day. So be true to yourself - Always.

Sense of Being: Oneself and Beyond - A workshop that holds documentation of time and being and living your life. A question that came to mind was, how much do you think your life is worth in this life? I think that everyone is put on Earth for a reason, we may not know it yet, but don't think little of yourself, who knows who you will inspire next.

There was something peaceful about watching this artist painting in front of me. She was in her own world, painting and creating, not knowing what the finished image will look like made me think of how no one knows where our future will lead us. Life is like a blank canvas and we are the artist - make sure you create an epic painting of life.

Montage Express - Is about the relationship between cinema and film art, contributors Autonomous Cinema, ifva, Interact_Arts, Interlocutor, Rooftop Institute and Ying E Chi features a three-week programme in succession with different thematic approaches. Their programmes present the connections between film art and everyday life by exploring and discussing contemporary topics, with different film-making techniques and approaches used.

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