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Fashion of Simplicity - Blue Space Office by Bloom Design - Guangzhou

Hiding in the trade area in the central part of Tianhe District of Guangzhou, Blue Space is a leading fashion brand planning agency. Freedom, openness and returning to simplicity are the spirits that Blue Space advocates. When Bloom Design is commissioned to do the design for this old space, it decides not to cater for popular aesthetics but to look at how to make a difference and how to shape the temperament of fashion of Blue Space. Bloom Design keeps questioning about the nature of design: when we are living in the bustling and noisy city, what are the real needs deep inside our heart?

Designed by Bloom Design

Photography by He Yuan-Sheng

What fashion brings people is feeling in seeing, while simplicity brings peace to the mind. Bloom Design does not make big changes to the main structure of the space. Instead, the designer removes the closed partition and uses sliding partition to maintain use flexibility, strengthen the sense of layer and fluidity of the space and extend outdoor natural light and landscape to indoor. The entry has been designed into a narrow and long passage, which adds to the sense of mystery of the space and the feeling of ritual of entering the space. Blue light is use to create the atmosphere of the passage to highlight the brand connotation of Blue Space. When the huge walnut door opens slowly, a spacious and bright office area is unfolded. Through large area using of French windows and doors, the outdoor and indoor views form a delightful contrast.

Space itself has its own language and soul. Through methods of removing and reconstruction, Bloom Design removes 90% of the original finishes and reserves the mechanism in large area formed randomly during the process of removing. Design is developed according to actual situation to revive the original temperament of the space so as to express Blue Space’s pursuit of freedom, openness and returning to simplicity.

We use black bricks as the carrier of emotion expression of the space. Black bricks give people a feeling of simple but elegant and primitive. It looks rough, but actually it is warm and reserved. The designer wants to bring people the peace of mind through space atmosphere. The large area of blank left and the exquisitely embellished details complement one another. It is natural and simple, and inadvertently creates an artistic conception of returning to simplicity.

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