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Collins Restaurant + Bar by why the friday, Germany

Darmstadt is getting a new bar&restaurant named "Collins" - located in the most favoured living and going-out area called Martinsviertel.

Designed by why the friday

Photography by Stephan Junglas

The already existing rooms in this old building have been upgraded and divided into the "bar-room" and the "dining-room" - just separated by an old and huge window-frame with a door to go through. Beginning at the entrance, the long wall connects the bar with the dining room. The colour concept flows through the whole layout of the bar&restaurant and flows together into the core of it - the counter. Here are the colours and the materials combined to one beautiful piece, just like an eye catcher in the bar. The character of the old building is supported and underlined by industrial elements. To get the most space out of the rooms, every furniture has been designed and produced. Every single furniture is a unique piece at Collins bar&restaurant. The same material of the tables and stools is used for the huge shelve behind the bar to complete the look. The old school-chairs fit perfectly into the colour-schema of the whole location.

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