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Creativity Studio in 3 Michelin stars Quique Dacosta Restaurant by ggarchitects

The project is born out of chef Quique Dacosta’s will to open to clients the creativity studio of his 3 Michelin stars restaurant, allowing people to have a gastronomic experience in the studio itself.

Because of Dacosta’s creativity and unconformity, what once started as a chef’s table ended up influencing the entire space. The influence was global, and all the knowledge, tools and techniques developed created new paths, new potential in two areas.

Designed by ggarchitects

Photography by Alfonso Calza

  • The food design

  • The restaurant’s lounge-kitchen area


The project is a collaboration between Quique Dacosta food design lab and ggarchitects.

Quique Dacosta food design lab is a Dacosta initiative to create synergies with the food industry.

The spatial concept parts from a gastronomic concept, Dacosta’s landscapes, therefore the tectonics of the space are generated as a three-dimensional topologic cut with landscapes invading every constructive element: tables, ceilings and walls.