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HELLZ BELLZ Showroom & Offices by A-Industrial Design/Build

Hlzblz achieves telling their brand’s story through the attention to detail, the juxtaposition of elements with a mix between midcentury modern and contemporary design, while staying true to the aesthetic of the Hlzblz brand. The office exemplifies the two raw materials cohesively into a modern design. The translucent walls allowed light to penetrate all areas of the office including the entry, conference room and main office area.

The ceiling grid was installed and tiled selectively to provided practically use of acoustical paneling and lighting efficiency. The exposed open-joist ceiling in smaller spaces feel larger due to the lack of panels in the grid allowing height to compensate for square footage. The sliding door adjacent the pin up cork board provides ease of access the company's storage and warehousing area where online sale orders are package and prepped for mailing.

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