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PK6 and PK7 Chair and Sofa by Studio Paulo Kobylka, Brazil

The main inspiration for PK6 and PK7 chairs comes from standard metal structures used for secondary architectural projects. The design intention transforms industrial profiles and a wired mesh, usually applied as supporting elements, into protagonists of the main stage. All metal structure is visible and guides the design intention of the chairs. It is also handmade, as trims, welds and folds are executed manually. The wired mesh is a braided surface produced by an industrial loom, handled by the artisans. Automotive painting is polyurethane based and sets a bright and waterproof surface, giving the pieces a high chemical and mechanical resistance. Levelers allows to finetune the height of the seats as well as adjust any unexpected gaps on the flooring. The upholstery is made by solid foam and provides a sensory contrast. They are used on the main points of contact of the user and the couch.

Designed by Studio Paulo Kobylka

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