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Small Town Party | Race Steak House - Flagship Restaurant by C.DD, China

There is a foreign small town hidden in lively and prosperous metropolis far from tumultuous city (Race Steak House).

Customers could find the entrance of the small town by following the ethereal aroma of steak where they can experience the interest and delicacy brought by steak cooking. The designer partitioned the space skillfully with the concept of small house with various sizes of “courtyards” snuggling around the small house while the terrace extending and penetrating through them. Guiding by the courtyard and terrace, customers who came to the entrance of the small town by following the aroma of steak walk deeper into this exotic small town and arrive unconsciously at the foodie destination – Cabin. The enclosure that is narrowly separated and combined removed the sense of segmentation between inside and outside. The arc shaped door opening and side window added foreign sentiment to the “small town”, which enabled people to play freely by shuttling back and forth.

Designed by C.DD

Deisgners: He Xiao-Ping, Li Xing-Lin

Photographer by Ouyang Yun

The enclosure of terrace, self-service area and small house forged the central garden. The plants hanging in the air reflect mottled figure under the illumination of light, which makes people feel exposed to the sunshine. Swinging the wine glass softly and savoring delicious steak, all worries disappear while enjoying good wine and delicacies.

When coming to the end of the corridor by passing the garden, you can find its backyard garden where the vertical plant wall added greenness and vitality to the space which makes you feel like being in nature.

As for soft furnishings, the designer integrated some green plants to make people break out of superficial art form, keep away from urban uproar and return back to plain, comfort and tranquility. Here not purely is dining space but an interactive space for entertainment and sharing happiness.

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