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Indi, Office Design by Studiomfd, Netherland

Are you looking for a bucket for a CW-quick coupler, with or without teeth? A drill bush? Maybe you need a deburring tool? in town of LEEk in Groningen, the Netherlands, is the ultimate industrial parts web shop with no less than 454, 716 articles. Naturally this also includes a perfectly tuned web environment and logistics that deliver as promised. being able to supply such a great number of parts and with a rapid turnaround is one thing, but what really makes a difference in the market is their industrial know-how that helps customers make the best choice for the job at hand. provides such expertise and its customers appreciate it. And so in the INDI office you will find a mishmash of technical specialists, sales staff who are thoroughly at home in the industry, front end developers, data analysts and online marketeers at work.

Design by Studiomfd

The new office of is emblematic for the core value of the company; A passion for industry, The lamps, the robustly built division walls and of course the accents added by the used of the brightly coloured INDI boxes that collect and ship orders. The interior is crystal clear about what its business is, taking a fresh new look at service to the industry. But in a company that is internally so diverse, it is also important to provide good service to each other. Ingeniously situated and comfortable meeting rooms and conference corners make it east to find each other and connect everyone's expertise. Additionally, the different working zones of the office offer plenty of opportunity to work together with your department or put some concentrated focus into your work.

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