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"Plug & Play" by Egue y Seta

C!Print wanted to showcase among the central facilities of this year´s edition of their show in Madrid a true example of printed graphic´s application within the configuration of retail, hospitality and work spaces. To achieve this, their team created from scratch a temporary and fictional brand that was to feed with a distinctive character and unique personality such spaces. As any real Brand, “Plug & Play” had clear psychological and aesthetic attributes, so Egue y Seta´s challenges consisted, this time, on translating all those guidelines and attributes into a three dimensional assembly of inhabitable, functional and communicative spaces that managed to convey one strong but clear message: There´ no possible branding without printing, there´s no possible retail without branding, as it is impossible any hospitality, institutional or “contract” interior design.

Designed by Egue y Seta

To achieve such an ambitious goal we have worked with partners suchs a HP, Rolland, Hexis, A3 Composites, Endutex, Chromalux, Reboard, Nidokraft, Digidelta, Molcaworld, Javier Herranz and Sabaté, hand in hand and among others, so to determine what products and technologies should be featured within this themed mini city. The result: a multi-brand catalogue of great novelty and entirely applied of everything the whole of the industry is pushing forward as of today. A compilation that turned itself into a must see spot within the event for all of those professionally related to the field of decoration, interior architecture, design and photography seeking to see how new medias, trends and graphics can merge synergistically towards cost effective

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