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The Bamboo Garden by Atelier REP

The "Bamboo garden" is located in a typical countryside nearby the city. It is a "rejuvenation" project which implants new functions of family activity area in a dairy farm of a local dairy company. Families can experience the production process of healthy milk and get close to nature.

The purposes and strategies of this design are: architecture -- land -- people, natural material, hand-making construction, and simple values.

The “Bamboo garden” is not for planting bamboo, but is considered to be an area to experiment with different types of bamboo structure. Since ancient times, bamboo has been using for artifacts, also it has been endowing with humanity feelings. The advantages of bamboo are growing fast, hardness and easy to process. That’s why we choose “bamboo” as the most important natural material. We try to find some new methods to explore contemporary hand-making construction based on traditional methods of bamboo techniques. Also we hope to develop bamboo structure as an important architectural type in country life, agriculture and landscape architecture to meet people’s requirements of back into nature.