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A Collection Of Marble Furniture Inspired By Arabesque

Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Aljoud Lootah is a multidisciplinary designer whose works have gained international recognition. ‘The Double Square’ is a collection of geometric furniture inspired by Arabesque pattern and motifs. It includes a coffee table, a stool and a lamp, all made in Carrara marble. When viewed from the top, the pieces depict a recurring 8-pointed star motif. Composed of two squares, each rotated 45 degrees relatively to another, the motif is the starting point for Arabesque patterns.

Having established her studio with a focus on contrasts in form and function, Aloud intends to blend traditional silhouettes and concepts with modern elements. She has been involved in several projects interpreting the Emirati culture, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Two products of her Oru Series were even acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, making her the first Emirati designer to have her work acquired by an international gallery.

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