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H.A gives vietnamese zen house an air of monastery

H.A. architecture has finished a 78 square-meter house located in Binh Thanh, Sai Gon, Vietnam, owned by a Buddhist family looking forward to have a place of peace, tranquility, and completely free from the hustle of the city. with this in mind, the design aimed to create more than a house, a monastery that would allow its users to be in a calm, restful, relaxing and soothing home. to do so, the program works towards a limitless space, where the user can either travel or stand in one place, having angles filled with transparency, generating a continuous open environment.

The strong concept was able to develop a plan where all the members of the house can see each other, listen to each other, call each other and think of each other. the natural and rustic material palette is made of unrefined brick, bare wood, unpainted cemboard, and ferrous iron. a game of light and shadows complements the design, creating grids and different compositions as the day goes by.

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