Maxwell Bates by McKinley Burkart

(Photo by Robert Lemermeyer Photography)

McKinley Burkart believes that a community creates the spirit of every urban environment. The end user is a top priority when developing and designing urban structures. Their goal is to not only create functional and architecturally refined buildings, but to ignite community engagement and an urban lifestyle through design.

Photography by Jamie Hyatt Photography

McKinley Burkart’s roots are in the Mission community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With plenty of other architecture and interiors projects in the community, they’ve had a major hand in building the Mission neighborhood, including the Maxwell Bates mixed-use building. Located on a bustling corner, this design respectfully adheres to the local surrounding architecture. Traditional brick and modern elements such as black steel surrounds, a frameless glass main entry and a glass penthouse floor with parasol roofing are all incorporated into this design. The main floor retail offers an immediacy of experience at the pedestrian realm, while the top floor steps back to reduce the mass of the building.

Two of McKinley Burkart’s restaurant projects, Phil & Sebastian Mission and Bocce Pizzeria, are both located at the base of the building. These two restaurants are the perfect street front destinations for this urban community. (See Bocce + Phil and Sebastian photos)

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