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Stools Inspired By Architectural Ornaments

Working in the realms of art and design, artist Nynke Koster creates stools inspired by architectural ornaments. In her work, Koster explores the question “When does an object become furniture, and when can furniture be seen as a work of art?”

Following the huge success of her graduation project ‘Coexist’, the artist uses the same techniques of casting and molding to turn the ornaments into 3D objects. Titled ‘Elements of Time’, the collection already features four different pastel-colored furniture pieces made from rubber. Each one of the pieces is made in the artist’s studio in The Hague, Netherlands, and there will be many more added to the collection.

In a statement about her work, Koster says: “I’ve been working with rubbers and making molds for years now. I found out that I was more interested in the contra mold of an object then the replica of it. It tells this new story of the past. I am fascinated by the existing world around us. Mainly through the history of places. Every place tells its own story. My objects are a tribute to those places.”


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