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432 Nai aek Thai Noodle by Thaipanstudio, Nakhon Pathom - Thailand

Before becoming this restuarant. It used to be an abandoned warehouse at Sampran, Nakhon Pathom. We started designing from talking to Mr. Big, the owner. He had wanted to do a restaurant by changed his own large abandoned warehouse near his home. He decided to bought the franchise, "Mr. Eak Noodles” to put it in his abandoned warehouse. He had wanted us to designed a new look, out of the original image of the ancient noodles we've seen today, new look of design but still look classy such as the original Thai noodle restuarant.

Designed by Thaipanstudio

Photography by Kid-Tum studio

When we first have seen the area, we defined the directions of this project. We talked to Mr. Big for more informations and his disires. So then we started to improve the building operations, changed the old warehouses into a space that can be used practically. And can accommodate a lot of people for service. In terms of budget from the way Mr. Big tried to designed by himself and let the contractors to quoated at the price of 1.5 million baht, which amount to more than the budget he had set. He later contacted us. In a consultation to discuss the design and work plan. After that, the team has planned and managed carefully to be able to operate smoothly. We went deep into the details of the design. The cost of the construction. And most importantly, we can reduce costs by up to seven hundred thousand baht. We are very pleased that our customers have a lot more pleasant. It also reduces costs as well.

You can watch how the restuarant was developed here.

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