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Garden Street Residence

"This small home in Austin, TX combines pure Modernism with a regional vernacular referencing aging structures such as barns and stables found throughout rural Texas. Cedar siding, exposed wood and steel framing, and steel windows imbibe the home with a hand wrought aesthetic, while trim-less details, large windows and clean unadorned lines pay respect to Modernism.

Photography by Amanda Kirkpatrick

The handmade staircase at Garden Street was constructed onsite from plate steel, expanded metal and reclaimed long leaf pine. The steel frames for the windows were fabricated two miles from the construction site and powder coated in South Austin. Leftover steel was fabricated into pedestal sink tables and an entry table. The concrete slab was left bare for the lower floor and tongue and groove framing lumber serves as the decking and the finished floor for the upper level. The aesthetic strives to celebrate the elegance, efficiency, and oft hidden roughness of construction.

The interior design concentrated on adorning the space in the same simple and clean way that the space was designed. As such, a color pallet was chosen to be rich and deep and added elements would be minimal. Round leaf plants soften the spaces while books and trinkets on open shelving provide color with purpose.

Via: Archdaily

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