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1987. Lan ProSpa | A Hidden Urban Retreat by JACKY. W DESIGN

Nowadays, most urbanites share a fast-paced lifestyle and sub-optimal health status. 1987. Lan ProSpa is situated in Eastern New Town in Ningbo City, China, a newly developed CBD. The L-shaped "glass box" near street designed by Jacky. W Design provides a hidden urban retreat to slow down the fast pace of life.

Designed by JACKY. W DESIGN (JWD)

Photographed by WYAP

Wooden grilles are usually reminiscent of holiday huts on the seaside or cliff. As sunlight passes through the grilles at different times of the day, varying light and shadows are cast on the reception lobby. The subtle arrangement of grille panels weakens the visual interference from outdoor street. Green plants are brought into the interior. The sound of sea breeze, rustle of shaking leaves and birds' chirping is played through the sound imitation device, and echoes in the overall space.

The floor area by the French window is paved with sands and stones, offering customers in the lobby a natural experience. Inside the "box" enclosed by wooden grilles, customers can comfortably sit on the pure-colored sofas, and enjoy the play of light and shadows, musical sounds and pleasing visual, gustatory experiences, hence being immersed in nature and inner peace.