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110 m² apartment integrated with the living room in a project signed by Leburma Arquitetura

São Paulo, 2023 – To meet the needs and desires of the client who was moving from a 2,000 m² house in Brasília to a 110 m² apartment located in the Brooklin neighborhood of São Paulo, the Leburma Arquitetura office used good space utilization solutions. First, it was necessary to conceive a project that recalled the old residence in which the resident, now a widow, lived with her husband and their three children and, now, with the departure of two, was looking for a space to share only with the youngest.   


Photographer: Max Fahrer  

The initial idea was to create comfortable and cozy settings so that she could receive friends and family on weekends. Thinking about every detail of the project, the office used different materials, such as natural wood and Roman travertine marble, as well as signature design luminaires and customized joinery.

The client's main desire was to have a large room to receive and, at the same time, an office and extra room to be able to receive the grandchildren. With that in mind, a Home Office space was created integrated with the living room, which has a desk and a single bed built into the joinery. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of the large living room to accommodate guests, but also have the necessary privacy to enjoy the space as a bedroom.

One of the highlights is the Ingo Maurer-designed light fixture in the home office. In the dining room, the office opted for pendants that highlight the privileged view of the apartment.

A functional project, with interesting layout solutions, such as the integration of the balcony with the living room and the creation of an office/bedroom, which is also connected to the common area.


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