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Wanna designs the new boutique hotel in the Rías Bajas where you'll want to get lost this summer

A boutique hotel where you can rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul through salt. This is "Otantus," the new hotel project by Wanna, a specialized studio in creating brand stories and conveying them seamlessly from branding to interior design.


Designer: Wanna

Located in the beautiful fishing village of Muros, Otantus opens its doors with 9 suites, panoramic views of the estuary, and a dual mission. It aims to provide an exquisite experience of well-being, relaxation, and disconnection that ensures every guest leaves the hotel feeling better than when they arrived. Additionally, the hotel aims to highlight the salt-making tradition of the locality through a salt interpretation center open to the public. "Our clients were familiar with our hotel projects in Madrid and had complete trust in our studio. They only had one requirement: that our proposal revolved around salt," explains the Wanna team, the masterminds behind the project. After analyzing the competition and studying the trends and shifts in the industry, they positioned the hotel uniquely in the market and developed a distinctive value proposition. This gave rise to the "salt reboot hotel that always leaves you better.”

"We then developed the conceptual work with the goal of presenting salt from an unusual perspective. We drew inspiration from halophyte plants that thrive in contact with saltwater or in extremely saline environments. We built the hotel's narrative and name around the Otanthus Maritimus, a halophyte found in numerous micro-reserves around Muros, which exhibits surprising strength despite its apparent vulnerability.”

For the branding, the studio chose a typography reminiscent of traditional Galician-style fonts, characterized by openness and roundness, with sinuous curves evoking the marine world to which the hotel is strongly connected. The chosen colors evoke calmness and introspection, corresponding to the shades of the Otanthus Maritimus: gray and green. The visual universe is completed with botanical-style illustrations treated as stamps, applied in the graphics throughout the space and in the signage of the hotel's rooms and common areas.

Regarding the interior design's Look & Feel, Wanna worked with the premise that guests should feel profound relief upon entering the hotel. Therefore, they proposed an intimate and natural design with a nest-like effect that invites a contemplative attitude. Among the recommendations in their proposal, they emphasized the use of monochromatic colors that connect with nature and define each zone. The studio emphasized enhancing natural light through panoramic windows in the suites, complemented by almost scenographic lighting. They also advocated for the simplicity of the furniture and showcased local craftsmanship through a carefully curated selection of decorative pieces.

Lastly, the studio developed an entire ecosystem of brand experiences, including a photographic route through halophyte plant reserves, botanical illustration workshops, and a sleep kit to elevate guests' rest to another level. "Our goal is to assist our clients in providing services and activities consistent with the hotel's concept that generate business and conversation and, of course, enrich the stay, ensuring harmony, memorability, and tranquility," concludes the Wanna team.


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