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The design for Carbono’s new store, in the district of Moema, is Superlimão’s second project for the brand – the first was Carbono’s flagship store at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, in the São Paulo district of Jardim América. Based on a house listed as a historic landmark, the design goal was to create a furniture store built around a homey and flexible space concept, in line with Carbono Home’s new identity.

Designed by Superlimão

Photographed by Maíra Acayaba

Playing on the fact that the property is a listed building – preventing any kind of modification of the facade or internal wall structures – the solution was to surprise customers arriving at the store, conceiving the project as an “installation” embedded into the existing space. The idea was to explore and take advantage of the property’s characteristics, such as exposed bricks, wooden frames and staircase, besides practically reusing all of the existing coatings, revealing them in different ways.

In the furniture showroom areas, the existing porcelain tiles were replaced and an epoxy resin was applied over the mortar finishing. We chose neutral colors like black and white to avoid any interference with the composition of furniture. Low-exposure areas, on the other hand, are highlighted by strong colors. On the top floor of the store, we maintained the floors, walls and frames, reinforcing the goal of featuring the house’s atmosphere and concept into the space.

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