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The 1990s residence was purchased by a couple of clients who wanted to transform it into a meditative place for yoga classes, in addition to coworking and rental rooms. With that in mind, Superlimão’s project had to accommodate a large room for classes, a reception area on the ground floor, a studio and coworking area on the top floor, and a room for rental in the old smaller house in the back.

Designed by Superlimão

Photographed by Israel Gollino

To meet all these needs, it was crucial to turn the old house with only a few openings into a large and well-lit space. Larger spans were created to allow more sunlight to flow in, filtered by jute panels. The ceramic tiles of the outdoor area were replaced by a garden with relaxation areas, featuring an architectural style that conveys a calm and soothing environment, with a more neutral and cozy color palette and natural elements. The light-colored walls and curved corners helped heighten the warm and welcoming feel of the environment.

The indoor staircase wasn’t enough to ensure the openness needed to host yoga classes. In addition, the second floor had to be isolated from this area, since it would be rented out. To solve these issues, the staircase was repositioned and became a new - and important - element of the house and facade. Made in metal and perforated plate, the staircase became lighter and helped the façade to stand out even more. The existing frames were replaced with metal frames that created an intriguing design when closed by the jute doors.

Indirect lighting created subtle light effects to make the whole environment even cozier and more comfortable.

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