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Estúdio Casa Interiores | Apartment gets contemporary layout and functional solutions

São Paulo, 2022 - To create a modern, practical layout that would express the personality of the residents, Estúdio Casa Interiores, an officer of interior designers runned Lidiany Martins, Liliane Sancovsky, and the architect Ana Clara Roriz, met the desires of a couple in love with the works of Brazilian artists and who needed an apartment that would meet the needs of a family with two children.


Photographer: Evelyn Muller

The 243m² apartment, located in Jardim Paulistano, in São Paulo, received solutions that gave it more practicality, functionality, and maintained the inhabitants' characteristics with colors, textures, and architectural techniques.

Being a much used space and also very dear to the residents, both for leisure, meals, and to receive friends, the living room was one of the points of greatest attention and challenge to make the most of the usable area, going through an integration, where the sliding door that divided it from the home theater was removed and the result was a layout with more fluidity and usability, adapted to the needs of the inhabitants.

To give even more the personality of the residents and bring the minimalist concept to the room, a mix of fabrics was used in the armchairs, rugs, sofa, and textures on the wall. In the furniture, wood was the bet to bring elegance and warmth to the environments.

To create the atmosphere of warmth and well-being that the clients were looking for, the lighting was rethought, as it had been bright and cold. Adjusting the amount of lumens and directing the luminosity in the right measure for the environments, the result was an atmosphere of comfort, welcome, and highlight for the works.

Care was also taken with the lighting and colors in the couple's bedroom. The layout was redesigned and built so that coziness, well-being, and calm were present in the walls, furniture, and upholstery.

For the twins' bedrooms, the proposal was to give up the other bedroom that served to store toys and use the space to create a suite for each one. A wooden bench was installed as a study bench and, thinking about receiving the children's friends, bunk beds were arranged in the bedrooms.


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