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Café Mary`s Coffee by LOVA & Julia Muscheid - Alpha RKD

In addition to our first project "Daddy Longlegs" 5 years ago, we were able to develop for our customers the second cafe in the Amalienpassage: Mary's Coffee Club with self-ground coffee.

Designed by Mery Reif - LOVA & Julia Muscheid - Alpha RKD

The concept of the café with the winding roof can be described in one word. Opposite: To the smooth colors coral / powder / gray leans a juicy dark green. The geometry of the roof was taken up in the form of the lamp arrangement and also the frame of the bar stools show this up.

The space is divided almost in the middle in two color worlds (theme worlds): The coral / powder / gray combines with copper and cognacfarbenigem leather and a pink marble as a table top and forms the guest / sitting area.

The opposite of this is the dark green bar area, which only absorbs the powder tone in the joint color of the green tiles. The green marble on the counter creates an exciting but warm contrast to the copper and coral tone.

The Rosalin mirror, which can be found in the guest area and in the WC area, connects both areas homogeneously and in the WC area the direct interaction between the color powder and the dark green takes place.

The concept is the miracle cure for the gray days. One experiences directly the feeling of being in a "warm" place, and the mood rises automatically. Promised!

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