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Itu Apartment by SuperLimão Studio, Brazil

Solutions with reused materials and industrial pieces are presented in the 156m2 apartment of the architect Lula Gouveia, partner of SuperLimão Studio, and the photographer Maíra Acayaba, in São Paulo. The property, from the 60's, had the spaces integrated after the demolition of some walls. The choice of most sober materials and colors was intentional to highlight frames, photos and design objects.

Photos by Maíra Acayaba

In the entrance hall, on the ceiling, there is the first prototype of the Biro-Biro lamp, made of aluminum chip and designed by SuperLimão. In the wall was installed a panel with graphite that was rescued from a siding of work in Santa Cecilia, a neighborhood of São Paulo. The floor was finished with epoxy and the ceiling has been lowered with polycarbonate honeycomb lining and a LED light was put to create a lighted plane.

In the living room, wooden demolition benches skirt around the room that is divided by a movable sofa so that the dimensions of the environment can be changed according to use. A suspended garden, made up of tropical plants, break the aridity of the environment, and also help to create a microclimate humidifying and filtering the air of the environment. Below it, Lula designed two loungers using only folded sheet metal.

The kitchen is opened to the living room creating a unique ambience. A mural of Lurca tiles combined to original cobogós of the facade of the building, opened in the renovation, are the only walls of the environment.

All of the kitchen furniture is made up of reused modular parts of offices, all found on junk yards. The apparent installations are made by stainless steel.

To separate the social area from the intimate area, a sliding door of navy plywood with wax finish was installed. When entering the intimate area, in one of the three rooms is the office of the photographer, who works from home for most of the time. Open to the corridor, the environment is between the couple's suite and their daughter's room, Lina, and has its space bordered by a bookcase with wooden and plywood stairs.

In the child's bedroom, a painting with geometric designs forms a stylized forest on the walls and the lower part received special paint to work as board to draw. In the couple ́s bedroom the bed has a wooden structure of reclaimed lumber equal to the bedside created by the designer and friend Diana Albuquerque. In the bathroom, the bench inside the box turns into the shelf under the sink. The floor and countertop are also epoxy. The décor has a dash with furniture of classic and contemporary design.

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