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SKR Headquarter by SuperLimão Studio

Located on the last two floors of a building in São Paulo, the headquarter of SKR has undergone an expansion and updating of its headquarter. The project sought to create spaces where people could be connected more frequently and exchange knowledge in a collaborative way.

Designed by SuperLimão Studio

Project Team: Lula Gouveia, Thiago Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos Figueira de Mello, Julia Regis Bittencourt, Pedro Luna.

Photography by Maíra Acayaba

The reception is located on the lower floor and the intervention began from the elevator hall. The entire space was covered by perforated metal sheets and a crochet panel made by Atelier Miss Galante was installed in the window, giving transparency and delicacy to the space. This transparency was reinforced by a glass window that offers some visability to the library, located on the upper floor. The front desk was designed and produced by SuperLimão. Developed using precast concrete walls and metal angles, the desk presents two heights aiming to hold differents activities.

On both floors there are meeting rooms and work areas. In order to guarantee a bigger privacy, the management rooms as well as more reserved meeting rooms were located on the upper floor. The vertical connection between floors is estabilished by a staircase inside the office covered by perforated metal sheet. A connection hub was created in the central circulation area. The area was conceived as a space for the exchange of ideas while also works for other activities. There is also a lounge composed by a high back sofa thought to offer privacy to people on informal meetings or on calls.

Next to this area, a dynamic and multipurpose room was also designed with the purpouse to be flexible enough to handle various situations. The meeting room table that can be split in two, combined to panels that can be opened and closed, enable that more than one meeting can happen at the same time. The room was equipped with whiteboards to be used for interaction and brainstorms.

On the same floor, located on the opposite side of the meeting room, next to the staff, a high-level meeting table was designed for meetings between the staff. The dimensions of the table allow the opening of large drawing sheets and, at the same time, due to its height, encourage quick discussions for troubleshooting. Finally, all these spaces are framed by a shelf that goes around the office accompanying the windows. The project seeks to update the spaces in order that they correspond to the new ways of working: spaces that promote new dynamics and offer greater flexibility of uses.

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