Space of Lace Pattern—Lily Nails Salon by Archstudio, China

September 6, 2017

The project is aimed to extend two dimensional floral patterns into three dimensional spaces, creating a flexible environment with feminine temperament thus improving the identity and comfort of the nails salon. Located on the edge of Blue Harbor’s underground square, the salon is in an irregular and elongated shape. Accordingly, the design employs walls that interlace straight and curved lines to re-integrate interior interface. The curved walls divide various functional areas such as manicure, beauty,  reception, storage, etc., meeting different spatial needs from open to private. Meanwhile, the variety of scales and shapes also enriches customers' environmental feelings.


Designed by ARCHSTUDIO

Design Team: Han Wenqiang, Wang Xiaoting

Photography by Jin Weiqi



Pattern of the walls adopts lace, one of typical clothing patterns with distinct feminine feature, abstractly transformed and finally realized through laser cutting of 6 mm steel plate. Position and scale of the lace pattern have taken visual relation of clients inside the space for reference. The pattern turns all the walls translucent, overlapping and interweaving while clients move around and get multiple feelings.The storefront is enclosed by pitchy hot-rolled steel plate, only leaving a transparent entrance. When customers pass through the noisy mall and walk inside the salon, the pure and abstract space of lace pattern enables you to slowly calm down and enjoy the time that belongs to yourself.













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