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Apartment transformation by Tria Arquitetura, São Paulo - Brazil

São Paulo, January 2017 - Located at the Jardins neighbourhood, in São Paulo, the original apartment of the 70s and with 165m² had its architecture project signed by Tria Arquitetura, led by the architects Sarah Bonanno and Marina Cardoso de Almeida. With a good internal configuration, ample environments and a great Location, the apartment was projected for a couple with no kids that lives in the United States, but who wanted to have a confortable and cozy place in São Paulo to receive their guests.

Designed by Tria Arquitetura

The architectural challenge was to adapt the apartment without losing its identity, like the wood floor and Windows and the ceiling height. It was then possible to create a restroom and to make the couple’s bathroom bigger. All wall and floor coverings were removed, making space for new ones.

The kitchen was supposed to remain closed and its access had to be discrete. It was then designed a big wood panel making the four doors “invisible” when closed, one for the entrance, another one for the kitchen, one for the restroom and the last one to the intimate part of the house. The led lighting is used to highlight this panel.

The white walls were thought to house the couple’s extense art collection. The dining room buffet was designed with straight lines and with brazilian modernist tiles, regarding the fact that the owners are brazilian but doesn't live in the country. The punctual and significant intervenctions transformed the space in a cozy environment to receive friends with quality and individuality.

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