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A Coruña for rent by Egue y Seta, A Coruña - Spain

The Real state market for rental housing is highly competitive, full of vices and most of its advertisement pieces sound like siren calls. None of these, nevertheless, lack explanation: Property owners are bound to invest with caution, they need to hit the target of the particular taste of a potential but undetermined client, but most importantly they seem to be obliged to prescribe furniture and finishes tested against the most indolent of lifestyles

Designed by Egue y Seta

But, in spite of all these, when tackling the design of housing units for rent, can we continue to project them as if we were talking about empty, anodyne and mute containers? Can we still say that not doing anything, not decorating, or not opting for any choice are still the only available strategies when trying to be liked by all or to displease no one?