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Sono Felice CAFÉ CIELO By Design Bono, Seoul - Korea

Sono Felice Hongcheon surrounded by the mountain Palbong and the river Hongcheon opened newly café. Located on the mountain edge, this building has good view. As we know from their names reflecting natural concept, Cielo which mean the sky, designer shows design concept of supernature to represent and reinterpret nature throughout the space. The designer made the best use of design elements by bringing in the huge nature and enlarging or reducing it in order to express the magnificence human feels in front of the glorious scene, which comes into this space through terrace placidly.

Designed by: Design Bono

After the entrance of Café Cielo, a counter table for order is placed and louvers arranged vertically on opposite to the counter table decorate the wall. The wall plays as shelf to display products of café. This wall finished with louvers symbolized rock faces laminated in layers on the mountain edge, which evokes the overwhelming feeling just like mountains, and throws the beautiful shadows of LED lighting installed on the wall, through the louvers.

Compartment ceiling in the geometric shape seems to show the sky between mountains. In contrast with the design element of straight wall, ceiling object in made of round shapes overlapped in diverse heights, which embodies the cloud over the mountain edge. The wall and the floor symbolize the mountain and the ground respectively, and the spot on which these two elements meet is finished with marble and air plants. This space is designed horizontally as much as possible because it is located on the site to look down the good view, which we can discover at a moment while walking along the human traffic line from entrance to terrace.

There is a stairway behind the louver wall, connecting to the restaurant La Mattina on the second basement. A wooden lighting fixture of an artist Donghee Hong is installed on the 7m high ceiling of this stairway. The wall beside stair is finished with bronze mirror, it evokes overwhelming feeling by reflects wide and high space.


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