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Yakiniku Master by Golucci Interior Architects

The four seasons rotate, the scenery is different at any time, the summer and autumn, the reeds driven by the breeze sweep the ankles of the crowd walking on the plank road, walking on the plank road surrounded by reeds overlooking the clouds in the distance, is the unique memory of the season. Gather up with friends this is not only a picnic party this is a chance to encounter nature.


Client: Yakiniku Master

Designer: Golucci Interior Architects

Photographer: Lulu Xi

Brands: Shanghai Hongku Company / JODU Lighting / Lansen / Rasia

The story begins with a short holiday picnic, with the hazy metal woven mesh at the entrance as the starting point of the space narrative, just the right sense of boundary, carefully selected lights like lanterns, under the night, the light through the woven mesh formed rich layers of mottled light and shadow,