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Xitou Greentown · Cloud Land Business Center by WJ STUDIO

"Nature's presence"

The meaning of the modern office no longer lies in a single solution to the problem of collaborative work; Cloud Land Business Center is, as its name suggests, we hope to create a space that communicates with nature and people. No matter what kind of design, in the end, it will return to people and nature, and the original point is the only way to bring everything back to the best state.

— Zhang Jiliang, the Vice President of Greentown, China


Client: Hangzhou Xitou Greentown Industrial Co.

Designer: WJ STUDIO

Photographer: Zhang Xi

In 1974, in The Production of Space, Lefebvre mentioned the "perceived space" of the general public, the "conceived space" of designers, and the "lived space" of residences. "The Production of Space" refers to the perceived space of the general public, the conceived space of designers, and the lived space of citizens. He defines space as a social construction based on values and social meanings.

The reflection on the social meaning of space has deeply influenced the evolution of office space design prototypes. Especially in recent years, companies have emphasised shared spaces, garden offices, and leisure packages to meet the contemporary demand for flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency in work life. On the other hand, the increased leisure and spiritual needs of the younger generation of workers for their work areas likewise require designers to demonstrate the shared spirit of the public regions through the implantation of multiple functional and cultural elements. The social construction of space is included in the process of design thinking.