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Woo Furniture: Playful Minimalism from Ukraine

Woo Furniture:

Greetings from unconquered Ukraine!

We have been creating high-quality and original design products since 2015. Always looking for the right balance between the unusual shape and affordable price. We are quality freaks and prefer simple and time-tested technologies, half manufactured half handmade.

War/Life balance

We are a Ukrainian company with manufactory in Kyiv. On 24 February our life was dramatically changed. Russian rockets hit our cities and we jumped from explosions, heard air sirens, and explored bomb shelters in our neighborhoods. After several weeks in a saving mode, we understood that life is too short to put your development on pause. We gathered in our workshop which stayed safe and undamaged. As a furniture brand, we decided to do our best, launch new products, celebrate life, find new ways to draw attention to Ukrainian design and participate in Milano Design Week!