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Woo Furniture: Playful Minimalism from Ukraine

Greetings from unconquered Ukraine!

We have been creating high-quality and original design products since 2015. Always looking for the right balance between the unusual shape and affordable price. We are quality freaks and prefer simple and time-tested technologies, half manufactured half handmade.

War/Life balance

We are a Ukrainian company with manufactory in Kyiv. On 24 February our life was dramatically changed. Russian rockets hit our cities and we jumped from explosions, heard air sirens, and explored bomb shelters in our neighborhoods. After several weeks in a saving mode, we understood that life is too short to put your development on pause. We gathered in our workshop which stayed safe and undamaged. As a furniture brand, we decided to do our best, launch new products, celebrate life, find new ways to draw attention to Ukrainian design and participate in Milano Design Week!

The greenish shades of the upholstery of our products are a reminder that the war in our country continues.


Loop - novelty!

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko

The tricky shape of this object gets people thinking for a moment. What kind of furniture is it? How to interact with it? How to sit and what is the right place for it in the interior?

Loop has an asymmetric shape and three fulcrums. It is an accent eye-catching object that is always a focal point of the space. Two round discs are turned perpendicular to each other. There is no seatback on the original meaning, but you can find your own way to sit on it. It calls you for interaction and experiments. It is the kind of game where you have endless variants to explore.

Loop can be used in private and public interiors. Groups of them look great in hotel lobbies, halls, or exhibition lounges.

Materials: plywood frame, metal legs, foam rubber, textile upholstery


Drova - novelty!

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko

When I came to visit my parents who live in a village in Western Ukraine, I noticed how carefully my father puts wood next to the woodstove. Three sticks along, three sticks across repeated again and again. It makes a perfect stable construction. This simple rhythm looks aesthetic and cozy, – said designer Dmytro Kozinenko about his inspiration source.

Drova pouf is a basic and functional thing that remains traditional benches in public parks, match houses we built in childhood, and also pails of firewood in Carpathian hata.

Its shape is designed in such a way that it is convenient to move them by placing your hand in the slit between panels.

Fits public and residential spaces. There are small and medium poufs that can be creatively combined with each other.

Materials: plywood frame, polyurethane foam, textile upholstery


Axe chair

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko

The most beautiful chair is the comfortable one. Here it is! Axe has an unusual shape. The rounded armrest line hugs you and a solid T-shaped back gives reliable support. The model combines laconic aesthetics and uncompromised comfort. Can be used in private and public interiors.

Materials: plywood, metal legs, textile upholstery


Plane coffee table

Design by Kateryna Sokolova

Asymmetrical shape and sculptural lines make Plain coffee table more than just a pic of furniture. It is an object that brings joy and artistic mood to your interior. Functional and minimalistic it is made from a single sheet of steel.

It comes in two different sizes that can be perfectly combined with each other.

Material: steel, powder paint

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