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Wanna designs the spectacular flagship perfumeries store Primor in Madrid.

The largest perfume chain in Spain and one of the most important in Europe already has its flagship store. It is called “Planet Skin” and occupies a space of 1500 m² in Gran Via number 39, designed by WANNA. The studio, specialised in creating brand stories and telling them from branding to interior design, has been chosen by the entrepreneurs Estefania Salazar and Juan Ricardo Hidalgo, to carry out the integral project. The challenge: “to create a space that does not resemble a perfumery” that births a curiosity in clients, a “wow, I’ve never seen a store like it.


Client: Primor

Designer: WANNA.

After analysing in depth what is to come in the beauty, retail and interior design sectors, and conducting a national and international audit of the competitive environment of Primor, Wanna positions the store as a macrocenter of beauty and epicentre of beauty trends for the consumer. And it designs an immersive and multifunctional space of fantasy, in which the clients enjoy an agile, personalised and emotional purchase and where, furthermore, they have the possibility of living unexpected experiences. How to get manicured in an underground nail bar (which has already become one of the most viral corners of Madrid); change your look in an immersive hairdresser; immortalise your way through the shop in a photo booth that projects the photos on the screens of Callao Square, or have a coffee with spectacular views of Gran Via. For all of this, the prime flagship is from another planet. Or rather, a planet in itself: “Planet skin.”

In order to create the concept of experiential interior design of this new space, Wanna explores the idea of beauty from an optimistic, collective and accessible perspective. And it develops the brand narrative of space around something that unites us and makes us unique: the skin. Inspired by it, in its layers, imperfections, textures, nuances and hues, the studio creates a playful, colourful, organic and close space.

In “Planet Skin” there are more than 60,000 references of cosmetics, perfumery and makeup, grouped into different product categories (selective, parapharmacy, hygiene, babies and children, fragrances…). For each of them Wanna has designed a micro-world, created with decontextualised materials from suppliers and usual brands of the studio such as Simon, Ferrcos, Florim, Formica, as well as Pyrasied or Forbo, among others. These micro-worlds are connected by means of impactful transition spaces, such as the staircase with an artistic intervention by Arquicostura or the corridor that recreates the cells of the epidermis, work of Creadelua. An extensive work of functional signage and graphics in the space is added to the organic and fluid design that facilitates the customer's shopping experience, improves circulation in the store and enhances the sensation of “being out” in the store, thanks to a spacious game of open and closed zones.

Another of Wanna's design achievements is that, thanks to extensive creative zoning, 100% of the linear meters in the store have been used and more meters have been allocated to product sales than is usual in Primor shops. The studio's ad hoc furniture design aesthetically harmonises space and reduces the visual chaos that could lead to the diversity of brands and products available in the store. It also absorbs or hides columns. In addition, there is a hidden layer of skin on each floor between the display furniture and the walls of the building where the products are stored. This increases storage capacity and makes it easier for staff to replenish stock.

The emotional and sensory experience of the store is complemented by digital 3D projections and motion graphics developed by Instronic under Wanna's creative direction, inspired by the skin and textures of the products intended for his care. And even when the store closes, the brand narrative jumps to the street through murals in the enclosures, signed by urban artist Taquen.

In short, using the words of Laureano Turienzo Esteban, one of the greatest retail experts in Spain, Planet Skin “breaks scripts, rules, dogmas” and is "possibly the most disruptive, iconoclastic and amusing perfumery in the world”. You have to experience it to believe it


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