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Yin's House: Wang Daquan & The Hidden Courtyard Up Above Beijing by TANZOSPACE

The top apartment

The project is a top-floor apartment located on the west side of Beihai. In order to give the mixed-race daughter a more stable and free growth environment, the client commissioned the designer Wang Daquan a renovation of the apartment. Thus, the East and the West, the new city and the ancient capital, the tradition and the contemporary, the straightforward clearness and chaotic metaphor, are all wisely woven together by space.

Designed by TANZOSPACE

Photographed by Shi Yunfeng

The moon and snow, indulge me in elegance, a year has gone. —— Matsuo Bashō

Towering in the row upon row of office buildings on the second ring financial street, this is one of the most prosperous areas in Beijing.

In a home on the top floor of the international apartment, a large area of organ curtain is hanging inside the corridor glass window curtain with a strong sense of sequence, just like a large piece of Chinese art paper. The sunlight in the afternoon shines on the gaps of the white organ curtain to form grating light effect, taking this small space out of the prosperity.