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Vitale Studio | Rovira Más Dental Clinic

Rovira Más Dental Clinic has commissioned Vitale to renovate its facilities with the aim of enhancing functionality and creating an ideal environment to strengthen the position of a clinic that values innovation, talent and continuous training. The project encompasses a redesign of the clinic's brand and interior with the dual purpose of inspiring a sense of security, as well as conveying the clinic's local importance and leadership in the field. Combining proximity and innovation is the starting point of the corporate interior design project carried out by Vitale.


Designer: Vitale Studio

Photographer:  Santiago Martín / Hilke Sievers

The renovation covers an important part of the 180 m² of space to optimize the distribution and create a cohesive image in the different areas. The clinic renovation project requires a sober intervention that respects part of the pre-existence and allows rapid execution.

The new design achieves a harmonious integration in which new elements blend seamlessly, combining a forward-thinking vision with a warm and serene atmosphere that promotes trust and security. It is crucial to improve the feeling of well-being in the clinic's main contact points with patients.

The old ceramic flooring is replaced by vinyl flooring with a high-resistance wood finish that provides acoustic comfort and optimal cleaning. The clinic's reception area is defined by a large planter paneled in walnut wood in combination with large-format textured porcelain tiles. At the rear, a substantial storage wall also conceals access to the private staff area.

The waiting area is a well-lit space divided into an adult area on one side and a children's area on the other. For children, a very functional and comfortable area has been designed with storage elements and tables with seats. The custom-designed furniture combines a oak finish with the softness of cream tones, which, together with indirect lighting, create a harmonious and enveloping atmosphere. In the offices, sliding glass screens in bronze tones have been used to connect these spaces with the reception area, providing a feeling of spaciousness.

The new layout allows for the creation of a post-operative room, essential for providing care to patients. In the redesign of dental offices, indirect lighting predominates to create a comfortable space for patients. Custom-made clinical furniture provides the necessary storage capacity and visual order. The children's cabinet is inspired by a geometric puzzle design that creates a cheerful and fun atmosphere that attracts younger patients.

Corporate colors, branding and soft, bright stripe print are essential components of the clinic's timeless aesthetic. Vitale has designed a space that connects with all ages and creates a unique, elegant and positive environment. The result is a completely revitalized clinic that exudes leadership and provides patients of all ages with an environment where harmony and comfort take priority.


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