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Vitale | Fitness Training CenterI Feel Good! Life & Training

The second fitness training center of the brand I Feel Good! It brings novelty and a new air to what is already established in the market and in the health of its users. As in the first center, Vitale creates an image consistent with a business that aims to inspire healthy habits in its customers to improve their quality of life. The interior design project stems from a global communication strategy on which all the elements and environments of the brand are designed, from the naming of the business to the interior design of its centers.


Client: I Feel Good! Life & Training

Designer: Vitale

Photographer: Santiago Martín

The philosophy of personal training, honest and realistic advice, is key to achieving the goal of generating substantial and lasting changes in the health of its clients. Under the motto “The gym for people who don't go to the gym”, a space is designed that breathes positive energy, health, natur