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VERO Ecological Tiles Exhibition Hall & Headquarters by Foshan Topway Design


VERO Ecological Tiles Exhibition Hall & Headquarters is located in Foshan, China. As a company that sells building materials, VERO is committed to develop functional building materials products that can improve indoor environment, such as the surface of product can release the negative oxygen and can produce antibacterial effect and so on. The product features seem to have the life of a natural attribute, thus, Foshan Topway Design associate with the origin of life. A seed sprouted in the soil , through absorbing the nutrients in the soil then begins to take root at last grow into a giant tree. The leaves release negative oxygen ions under photosynthesis, which provides a living environment for the breeding of life, and finally incubates and multiplies into various life forms. The designers express their respect for life and the ecological environment in this way of spatial narration.

Designed by Foshan Topway Design

Photographed by Ouyang Yun


The project was originally conceived as a three-story spatial form. Through structural transformation, a central patio was opened, and the first, second and third floors were penetrated longitudinally into unity. The spiral staircase rises from the ground to the third floor, and the middle columns are cleverly designed into a banyan tree. The trunk of the banyan tree is inserted directly into the third floor from the hollow position, and the winding root device diverges from the surroundings, some plunge into the water, and some extend into the ground, expressing the process of life body absorbing nutrients. Rose from the ground and spiral staircase extends to the third floor, cleverly redesigned the central pillar into a banyan tree, the trunk goes from empty position directly goes into the third floor, winding ups and downs in the root of the device to spread around, some plunge into the water, some grow into underground and express the life process of absorbing nutrients, countless batten hanging down from ceiling, it's like standing under a giant tree. The designers hope to build a natural attribute of the brand's ecological idea of a space, a story under the banyan tree, which arouses people's most beautiful memory deep inside our hearts. Through the banyan tree, root, distant mountains, clouds and installation art, they wanted to expand visitors' thinking and arouse people's emotional resonance deep in their hearts.