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Twin Moon, Missana’s latest collection inspired by an astronomical phenomenon

Pepe Albargues designed and developed this collection inspired by the astronomical curiosity of the Twin Moon, keeping the same name as this phenomenon. Twin Moon is one of Missana new collections, exhibited and launched at Habitat Valencia fair.


Client: Pepe Albargues

Designer: MISSANA

Photographer: Ángel Segura

Pepe Albargues, as well as being the founder and the master in upholstery at Missana, he is also passionate about astronomy and recently about this astronomical curiosity. “This collection was brought to life when I was reading about the astronomical phenomenon of the twin moon, just for pleasure and without knowing that this phenomenon would make my source of inspiration” Pepe told us. As a result of his passion, Twin Moon came out as a collection characterized by its curved shapes in both the backrest and seat.

Twin Moon offers an armchair and a sofa drawing the moon curves as it main shape. The sofa has two detached backrests and with the seat shape evoke the optical illusion of the two moon superimposition. At the same time, the Twin Moon armchair stands out for the elegance of its round - shaped backrest and seat cushions pretending to produce the illusion of the moon setting on the horizon. Twin Moon collection is remarkable for its curved shapes suitable for all types of space where design, elegance and comfort is the key.


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