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TOMO DESIGN Conceives Gemdale • Cosmo Sales Center Based on the Theme of "GOGO MALL"

Icons at every age,

play a role of leading the way,

while also pursuing the spirits of the times.


based on its understanding of the era,

develops a brand new property series COSMO,

which redefines the luxury, exquisite lifestyle of the new generation of urban elites through GOGO MALL.


Client: Gemdale Corporation (East China Region)


Photographer: Kevin

New urban life here is leisurely, uninhibited, rich and exquisite. Before creating a quality, luxury urban life, exploring how the local context affects us is of great significance. In light of it, TOMO DESIGN hopes to continue this strong emotional link by conceiving GOGO MALL, an upscale, exquisite and quality experiential sales center awash with an elegant commercial atmosphere and closely related to the imageries of "yacht" and "waves", subtly interpreting the prosperous scenes of the modern city in chronological order.




The wall at the entrance, made of glass bricks, is presented in a commercial and artistic manner, with adjustable luminous box attracting visual attention. It highlights the core of the concept "COSMO LIFE", turning fashion into a tangible block. The large art installation "Urban Expression" characterized by iconic smiley faces complements the commercial ambience of the space, brings a strong and memorable visual effect, and expresses a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. The city is exactly in need of happiness as well as a positive attitude.

Arc-shaped elements permeate the reception desk. The gentle, textured metal-like arc-shaped background panel gives the space a sense of sculpture, whilst showing a unique aesthetic logic. The floral installation above, composed of textured metal and elegant floral art and continuing arc-shaped expressions, further reveals the noble touch of the space and interprets a luxury style through details.




TOMO DESIGN incorporates fashion, design, art, commerce and exquisite life experience into the space. For instance, coffee area and retail display area around are integrated into a whole. Sales center today not only represents its property brand, but also becomes a new symbol of exquisite life as well as innovative retail concept, operation, planning and visual marketing. The boutique retail concept produces a high-end commercial vibe, while the woven leather display rack reveals elegance and quality. Commerce and art together improve the spatial touch.




The distinctive culture of Nantong is derived from the unique natural environment, where the unstoppable Yangtze River flows into the sea and in turn the vast, inclusive and magnificent ocean embraces the river. Drawing inspiration from Nantong's local context, TOMO DESIGN creates a property models area with the features of beach and waves. The form that combines virtuality and reality reflects Nantong's coastal location.




The fusion of modern art and natural curves endows the space with both artistry and elegance. Arc-shaped elements run though the overall space freely. Here, an exquisite, luxury visual experience and a relaxing, casual feeling achieve a perfect balance. Interior decorations are mainly fabrics and art installations, bringing a leisurely experience in an aesthetic atmosphere.

There is an original tree-shaped art installation in the space. Its brass leaves and natural sunlight complements each other. Mottled tree shadows fall on the seats below, leaving small unique landscape in the space.

The enclosed spatial layout combined with subtle details embodies an exquisite, luxury touch. The new style of seating arrangement is convenient for socializing, and meanwhile eliminates the psychological boundary in the public space. The whole space enables people to experience a fantastic, delicate and quality modern urban life here.

The design team blends natural elements into the space, extracts the features of waves in an abstract way, and fuses the thematic symbol of Gemdale into the children-friendly warm space, evoking kids' imagination about nature.




The coffee area introduces urban life scenes into the space, mirroring the diversity and vitality of the city and narrating a modern, avant-garde character and attitude. Combined with art and natural wooden materials, the design creates a warm, harmonious art space. With flipper applied to the VI design, TOMO DESIGN establishes a venue convenient for the connection, interaction and emotional exchange between people and people, people and the space, thereby creating value.

The sunken design helps cleverly release the height of the space, hence bringing a more pleasant experience. In addition to structural supporting function, the vertical columns are endowed with extra commercial attribute, displaying a variety of products. The upscale coffee area full of surprises allows people to enjoy an exquisite life.




The tea lounge on the mezzanine level is inspired by the form of deck, making people feeling like being in a yacht. It provides a comfortable retreat in which people can escape from their busy daily life and enjoy peaceful and relaxing moments. Also, it can function as a venue for exciting activities, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its ingenious layout raises service efficiency, and the display extends the elegant and leisurely vibe, mutually enclosing an exquisite salon-like space filled with a sense of ritual. Besides tea culture, this area can accommodate many activities such as baking and performance. It's a "growing" space that provides flexibility for various future activities and possibilities.

Free design languages portray a Hollywood film-like spatial scene which covers the characteristics of the prosperous city and reveals a strong commercial ambience. The space creates a visual feast, accentuating the superior quality of Gemdale's property series COSMO, integrating with exquisite lifestyle and bringing a unique luxury experience.

Healthy COSMO makes breathing enjoyable;

Trendy COSMO makes style classic;

Personalized COSMO makes people protagonists;

Technological COSMO makes life elegant;

GOGO MALL pursues an exquisite, luxury lifestyle.

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