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Time Dream Travel: Bao'an, The New City Center by BLVD International

Bao'an, The New City Center

In Shenzhen Bao’an, the rapid urbanization wave is giving birth to a drastic change in its urban pattern. As a newly emerging international city center, it carries the infinite vision and expectations of urban elites for the future. They pursue a more cutting-edge lifestyle, more unique self-expression, and hope to shine in the changing times.

Located in Xin'an Center of Baoan, China Merchants Unique Palace Sales Office will become a new residential landmark that leads and witnesses the development of the city. Adhering to a prudent attitude and an open perspective, in response to the concerns of the times and people, BLVD extracts design elements from high-end fashion stores. Through the fusion of fashion aesthetics and artistic spirit, a beautiful life scene where reality and the future are intertwined, and individuals collide with the times has been built.

Designed by BLVD International

Photographed by En Xiao


Art, Plucking The Strings Of The Mind

In exploration beyond daily experience

Perceive the ideal life situation

Free from the trivialities of daily life, art makes life more revealing and extensible. The staircase leading to the exhibition hall was originally a dark and tortuous corridor. The design transforms the spatial relationship into a bright and open art exhibition hall, inviting people to explore and interact here.

The flexible dimension created by the simple interface and harmonious proportions isolates the hustle and bustle of the outside world and gradually calms the viewers down. The gray terrazzo is exquisite and delicate, the white ceiling translucent film has soft light and shadow, and the space is pure and quiet like a bright moon. The red and white abstract art paintings are sentimental and emotional.

The calm and low-key gray terrazzo as main material and the luxurious and dazzling polished metal decoration are opposite and unified. It expresses the spirit of bold pioneering and innovation, encouraging people to break boundaries and explore the future.

With the blessing of the flat facade, neat lines and smooth material texture, the spatial outline of the exhibition hall is more distinct. It is concise and perfect at a glance, and outlines the perfect ideal life situation.


Time, Reveals The Way To Perfection

Free and light aesthetic scene

Symphonic resonance of personal will and zeitgeist

The high-end window in the center of the exhibition hall perfectly balances purity and simplicity with elegance and sophistication, creating a fascinating aesthetic scene.

The original pillars with different spacing are cleverly covered with backlit translucent frosted acrylic. Through the connection of the golden stainless steel mirror and the white art installation, it has evolved into a display window with triggering and summoning power, which arouses people's curiosity and resonance.

Against the backdrop of the serial images of round frosted acrylic inlaid on the facade, floating art installations dance like petals. They are like stars pouring down, condensed into poems in mid-air, with vivid rhythm and graceful romanticism.

The elegant and ethereal aesthetic image changes infinitely with the flow of light and shadow. It is like a ten-mile star river, romantic and beautiful, bright and charming, and like a lake and mountains, hazy and dreamy, beautiful and attractive. Wandering in the scene, the heart is full of spirits, and the dream journey to experience the future time is started, which is warm, beautiful, and congenial.

The Beauty Of Humanity And Nature

"Thinking that gallops like a sparrow,

Run towards the clear morning and fly freely. "


Based on the overall tone of the black, white and gray art exhibition hall, the space incorporates the image of natural forests, with furniture and artworks that jump in color, enhancing the sense of harmonious ecological experience. The wide and transparent territory creates a multi-dimensional space with meditation, reverie and free communication, allowing thoughts to roam freely and gaining resonance that reaches the depths of the soul.

The chandelier in the shape of a back above the sand table is also an art installation of blooming flowers, telling the lingering and poetic flavor of life. The graceful curves and warm yellow lights soften the hard contours of the space and add to the overall warm atmosphere. The house type model is appropriately placed in a showcase full of modern and exquisite texture like a treasure, solemn and mysterious, and arouses people's expectations for a noble quality life.

Under the limited conditions that the original building had multiple pillars to divide the space, the design was ingenious. It uses columns and furniture modules to divide the area, while creating a sense of array and interpreting the conception strategy of open space.

Under the background of the artistic glass partition, the space overlaps the virtual reality and the light and shade interact, which balances modernity and artistry. The vertical and horizontal relationship between scenes constitutes a natural journey step by step. Wander around, explore and taste the inner abundance.

The ultimate state of fashion is a sensible and skilled interpretation of the essence and true meaning of the trend. The open, avant-garde and warm and introverted space, with simple and luxurious charm, calm and exquisite beauty, set the good time as eternity, engraving the longing for the life of people and the city growing together.


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