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TIC Art Center by DOMANI Architectural Concepts

Since 2020, Chinese government has tightened macro control of the real estate sector, and the policy of rating real estate firms into four classes based on three key indicators signifies that the period of demographic, land and financial dividend is coming to the end. This has caused anxiety in the land market, and real estate developers in the private sector are taking a wait-and-see attitude. The game rules in the real estate market are evolving.


Client: Times China

Designer: DOMANI Architectural Concepts

Photographer: Vincent Wu

Brands and suppliers: Guang Dong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. / BOX Studio / LOPO China, KE DIAN Constructional Material

In September 2021, TIC, a landmark urban maker town developed by Times China, was unveiled to the public. In the same month, to the amazement of citizens of Foshan (located to the Southwest of Guangzhou and within its one-hour life circle), TIC Art Center was completed. Covering a plot area of 3,000 mu (2 million square meters) and with a gross floor area of 5 million square meters, the maker town complex, TIC, has turned against the tide in the turbulent real estate market. It has not only secured a leading position for Times China in real estate development in the center of Qiandeng Lake Area, Foshan, but has also become a new hotspot for local citizens.

TIC Art Center, as an iconic symbol that represents the image of the maker town, received a total investment of around 180 million yuan. DOMANI was invited to carry out the overall design of the project, with the design scope covering landscape, architecture, interior, products, and more. Meanwhile, top-tier resources in the sector are joined together to create a top-class work with high integri