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The Stoics, Nitipol Kiravanich from NICO Furniture, Thailand


NICO derives from Nicomachean Ethics which is the work and philosophy of Aristotle. It is the concept to define and inquire about the nature of what a good life for a human being. One of the fundamental concepts we want to propose is the Greek word “Eudaimonia” referring to human flourishing. In regards to this, our brand is aimed to associate our products and the concept together to portray furniture design for a better life.

Designed by Nitipol Kiravanich


Stoicism was a school of philosophy founded in Ancient Greece and Rome by Zeno. It is the practice that emphasized on virtue, pain, tolerance, and control, thus, we have named our furniture according to the members of The Stoics being Zeno, Seneca, and Aristo.


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