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QIRAN DESIGN GROUP conceived a sales & experience center for the residential development THE OSMANTHUS GRACE, which is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province in Northern China.


Photographed by HANMO VISION

The vast land and majestic landscape in Northern China carry historical memories, and have given birth to diversified cultures and cultivated the forthright, cheerful character of people there. As an essential town and transportation hub in North China since ancient times, Shijiazhuang enjoys a profound historical context and distinctive city spirit.

The experience center combines magnificent forms with a subtle, restrained atmosphere, in order to showcase the characters of the city and generate a unique brand impression. It's graceful and elegant, and the water yard provides varying views at every step. Garden landscapes are incorporated, so as to integrate daily life into nature.

As approaching the project, QIRAN DESIGN GROUP utilized curves to interpret the interior space. Curved contours, structures and powerful installations together produce magnificent spatial scenes. Meticulous detailing reveals natural vitality and artistic beauty, and also adds an elegant, noble touch to the space. Materials used are mostly glossy and appear luxurious, to cater to the taste of targeted customer groups.

The hallway is like an art gallery, which guides visitors to wander around, sit and contemplate. Dotted art installations perfectly match the simplistic setting and produce "breathing" visual effects, which promote emotional and visual transition while also evoking visitors' expectation for future life.

Walking ahead, the view suddenly opens up. The property model display area, bar, conversation area and kids' area are linked yet separated from each other, together forming an open spatial layout in line with curved lines. Furnishings at different functional areas eliminate the empty feeling of the space. Moreover, orderly and interweaving lines reshape spatial aesthetic at different angles.

Lines on the ceiling generate a "sea of clouds" that seems to surge from far to near, thus creating a striking view and an ethereal spatial ambience. The conversation area beneath perfectly meets conversation demands. Carefully selected, matched materials as well as creative furnishings help enhance the style of the space, and meanwhile produce a comfortable and free communication environment.

The minimalist staircase is complemented by the dramatic art installation beside, with graceful curved lines echoing with each other harmoniously.

Kids' area features a large French window, which brings in ample daylight and beautiful outdoor scenery. It blurs the boundary between interior and outside, and enables harmonious interaction between people and space and environment.

The overall space is an integration of majestic scenes and a graceful, restrained ambience, which contrast yet fuse with each other. Based on such collision, the designers created a charming space and an ideal paradigm for future life.


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