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The Melo Alves 645 Tower highlights the urban context, the sights surrounding the building, and people’s well-being. Such characteristics are found in the residential building located in the heart of Jardins neighborhood, close to infrastructure and facilities available in the neighborhood. MOS has rolled out building architecture and development. Our company invests in good projects because they play a crucial role when building better places to live.

Designed by MOS Incorporadora

Photographed by Maira Acayaba

Located in a prestigious block in Jardins, between Oscar Freire and Estados Unidos streets, Melo Alves 645 is MOS' first venture run by three partners. Business manager Eduardo Andrade de Carvalho and architects Manoel Maia and Matheus Farah Leal. They have teamed up to place architecture at the center of this real estate development.Even out in the street, you can feel Melo Alves 645’s atmosphere. An inviting facade, surrounded by plants with no walls or railings subtly place the residential building in the spotlight.Species such as Yellow Jaboticaba Tree, Silver Palm Tree, and Lacy Tree Philodendron are included in the landscape design. Also, all plant species are native to the Atlantic Forest. The strong presence of green is found both on the façade, with large verandas, and in common areas, by turning the ground floor into a haven inside the city.

Apartments in the building are versatile and meet the needs of contemporary ways of living. Melo Alves 645 is an 18-story building with two apartments per floor. The apartments are named Embaúba and Guaimbê respectively. There are individual passenger elevators with a private hall and several blueprint options - from 134 m2 (1,442.36 ft2) to 394 m2 (4,240.98 ft2) - with two or threê en suite bathrooms.́ Layouts are flexible to build different apartment settings catering to the needs of single people, couples, or larger families.(Description images below/ Photos of an Apartament of Melo Alves 645 building: clean design and fluid spaces).

Arts are manifested in a current and contemporary way. The project was curated by Cristina Candeloro. She has invited three young and outstanding Brazilian artists to design the piece at the entrance. With their work, Felipe Cohen, Ana Mazzei and Renato Rios have set up some kind of private art gallery for residents with sculptures, pieces of installation art, and paintings.From the top floor, one can gaze at the city of São Paulo. There is leisure infrastructure available at the rooftop and the two highest floors. Swimming pool, solarium, gym, dry and steam sauna, massage room, beach-like area and spa with technological equipment and carefully designed architecture meant to foster well-being and self-care.


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