The MG House, from Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura

Located in the countryside of São Paulo state (Brazil), the MG Residence designed by Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura is a one-story house where all rooms are connected in a fluid way which gives a modern living atmosphere in the countryside.

Designed by Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura

Photographed by Evelyn Müller

Despite the sloping plot the client's desire was to live in a single-story house. Therefore the 600sm house was designed at one level below the street level. It was also created a large entrance area for cars, which ends in a covered pergola that serves as shelter for the cars next to the entrance door.

All social areas are integrated - living and dining room and an open kitchen, which brought to the house a large area for cooking, eating, and socializing. The TV room was also integrated to this social area, but with guaranteed privacy: the room can be 'isolated' when necessary.

In the intimate area there are a large suite with two bathrooms for the couple and three guest suites. Outside, a large terrace with a living area and barbecue area connecting to the pool.

The biggest challenge, according to the architect Gilda Meirelles, was the sloping terrain. The solution was to create two large plateaus – one with the house and the pool, creating a belvedere for the view of the neighboring farm, and the other with a large lawn to place a "shuffleboard", a game that is a family hobby.

In order to have a north direction from most of the rooms, the house was divided in blocks with different ceiling heights, creating a beautiful view to the orange grove in the background and also a nice geometry.

The materials chosen was easy maintenance material but also with a nice integration to the countryside without losing the cozy atmosphere. A grey mineral porcelain tile was used on the floor, and Cumaru wood was used in the ceilings in the living rooms and on the terrace.

An important detail in the finishing of the facades was the use of the exposed concrete ruler, used to highlight some of the volumes of the house.

For the house's structure, the choice was made for a metallic structure covered with Alwitra, and exceptionally long eaves on the roof, lined with wood.