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The Master: Luxury Residence by the Pearl River / Guangzhou

A new aesthetic model to sculpt the achievements of an era

Buildings ought to interact with their surrounding landscape, and interiors should be consistent with the buildings as well. The Master’s large glass curtain walls reflect the natural surroundings on both sides of the Pearl River into the building. Thus, the beauty of the city and the natural scenery can be enjoyed from home.

Designed by LWM ARCHITECTS / ShangHai Yue Jie Architectural Design

Photographed by Xiao En / Fan Wenyao

The interior design is also centered on the view to the riverside. The concept allows residents to experience a futuristic lifestyle in perfect harmony with the scenery; whether it is the lobby, the sales center or a residential space, private or common spaces, the natural landscape permeates every aspect of life.

The reception is located at the end of a corridor, where it forms a cantilevered composition in relation to the main background. The floating effect produced evokes the image of a boat floating by the river.

The designer creates a formal entrance to the sales center using leather, metal and black and white slabs. Such materials establish a subtle contrast between color, luster and graininess in the space. Thus, a harmonious and prolonged allure extends all the way to the lobby.

“Yet, how to induce a sensorial response, a strong emotional attraction when time “stops” at a given moment?” The answer is, through nature. Nature is the source of inspiration that can generate such attraction. “It makes people enjoy the scenery and a unique kind of flowing tranquility, maintaining a connection with the beauty of the city at the same time.”

The “landscape station” hidden on the 10th floor is a true “living room in the sky”. Its uniquely-designed window allows residents to enjoy a 360-degree view, providing forward-thinking comfort to the modern user.

The best projects attract consumers using different approaches, including economic, psychological and emotional charm. They exceed expectations and create experiences that define a unique lifestyle provided by the city’s new landmark.

A minimalist approach has been adopted on every corner of the space, from the exteriors to the interiors. Looking at the building from a distance, every balcony seems to be floating in the air, integrating with the skyline like radiant artworks.

Regarding the interiors, Lee Weimin “abstains from superficial decorations in order to focus on quality of life”, to create an apartment where residents feel in harmony with nature and the community, in an environment that, unlike the outside world, makes coming back home feel like a celebration; a contained space that completely filters out external noise.

The living room of each unit in the project connects to the wide-view balcony. The designer embraces balcony landscaping to provide residents with endless, relaxing sceneries outside the window.

Sliding doors and glass materials are used as partitions to the interior area. The solution creates a flowing open space, one that is able to shift as freely as the residents so desire, while maintaining order in a modern, versatile home.

A well-developed luxury residence provides a life free from conspicuous elements, and rather focuses on features such as attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. As such, the designer abstains from redundant decorations and rather infuses an artistic sense of rhythm in the fluctuations between materials and layers.

For example, the gray lacquered walls of the type C apartment’s kitchen turn into the ceiling, creating a strong sense of volume. The background of the TV area combines white lacquer with a dark gray slate wall. Thus, primary and secondary tones are clearly distinctive and their key features stand out well. Furthermore, the width of both spaces echoes the outdoor balcony, hinting that this is the best area to interact with the outdoors.

Every design method aims to create hierarchical structures between functional spaces, and to develop active interaction between household life and the natural landscape. And so, a true home can resist aesthetic trends and changes in the structure of life, and remain universally suitable for future residents with different life experiences.

No two places in the world share the same scenery, this makes living in them to feel different. Adjacent to the Pearl River, The Master makes the most from the unique perspective of a waterfront residence, procuring a new elegant lifestyle, harmonizing interiors with architecture, in a project where space and life share the same state, creating a unique landscape container; an authentic urban oasis.


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