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The Chiu, Hangzhou by Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.

Breaking conventional thinking

"In an age of scarcity, people tend to focus on absorption and assimilation. On the contrary, in an era of excess, the key is how to exclude and reject." Jiangnan, a region with a continuous cultural context for thousands of years, embodies a combination of nature and culture, disorder and order, instinct and rationality.

As designing this restaurant, Nature Times Art Design deconstructed the existing definition of Jiangnan and explored more design possibilities about life by adopting novel spatial languages and creative ideas.


Designer: Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.

Photographer: Wu Jianquan

Brands and suppliers: YCWORK

The Chiu, a "one-diamond black pearl" restaurant offering Chaoshan cuisine, opens a new premise in Hangzhou, located on 40F, Raffles City, Qianjiang New Town CBD. It is positioned as a private banquet restaurant that embraces river view below clouds. The restaurant carries a lifestyle in the new context, and also