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Terra, a sinuous valley of backrests designed by Sebastian Alberdi for Missana

The Spanish-Argentinian designer Sebastian Alberdi, based in Barcelona, designed the Terra family for Missana, exhibited and launched at the Habitat Valencia fair. Terra is a very complete collection spotlighting its curved and light silhouette showing a clear inspiration in nature.



Designer: Sebastian Alberdi

Photographer: Ángel Segura

“I had two clear purposes: To create a compact design collection, but at the same time looking visually very light” Sebastian told us. Sebastian was inspired by a system of hills rising gently from the Earth to create Terra. This landscape scenery was his source for the conceptualisation process for the entire collection. That is an evident feature shown on Terra backrest and reflecting clearly the sinuous shape of a mountainous landscape.

Terra collection is characterized by its curved backrest and by its thin iron legs holding the seat and providing the different items with elegance, lightness and timeless aesthetics..

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